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14 June 2006 @ 12:34 am
My poor little dusty computer. My poor little dusty furry house.
I've had little time to, well- do anything but work. They'll never know how spoiled they are. Anyone who works 25-heart-breaking-oooh-my-feet- hurt-so-so-bad woa-is-me-I'm-so-darn-tired! hours a week. So spoiled and I didn't even realize it. I guess it's all worth it, right? I just need to wait, wait until we get caught up and I can enjoy some of the money I make.
In the mean-time, I think I'll cash one of my checks, and ask for it all in singles. I can roll around in it and pretend I'm rich!
God, I just pictured myself, rolling around in a heaping mountain of washingtons and suddenly, DTE comes and turns my electricity off.

Well, besides the trying to get caught up thing, life, my job- is all going well. I really miss my friends. All these kids I work with now are um, well they all freaked out when I told them it was unlikely that they'd all get this weekend off for this nascar event. I can't express the emptiness that filled their eyes when they realized they'd have to buy a case of HIGH LIFE and play with matchbox cars in the trailer park culdesac, instead of driving 100 miles to bob their heads back and forth 2,000 times. I know, I'm completely stuck up. Man, I realize it's just Wayne county, but it's like they're from another planet. Yep, entirely stuck up. Eh!

Billy is taking a "voluntary" 1 week layoff next week. Baaaah! MI economy is the pitts. He got a second job today, doing security for concerts and stuff. They double his pay if he gets a CCW- I'd be afraid of the boy with a gun though!
He may just kill me when I run off with Brian Molko. Someone seriously needs to take 'meds' away. I'm afraid it may catch my car stereo on fire from playing it for a month straight. Mmmmm!!
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13 March 2006 @ 05:43 pm
Seuss landing was the coolest thing my eyes have yet to feast on. Oh, and warm so warm!
Orlando was a nice get-away but horridly short. It felt like we spent the majority of the three days either waiting in line at the theme park, or waiting in line at the airport. Over 2 hours to get through check in and security for our flight home- we had to run barefoot to the shuttle with the entire security bin full of shoes, jewelry, and change to make it.
Gatorland was surprisingly really cool. That was Billy's pick, that I really needed to be talked into. I just love anything that has to do w/ animals, even creepy crawly baby alligators. They're so cute!
Ya know, they'll eat anything. I thought about throwing Billy over the bridge, and using his boarding pass to bring home my new baby alligator.
Bones and everything. Hmmmmmm.

70° out today and I'm cooped up in the living room for the third day in a row with the backwards flu. Started off with the nastiest cough, then I got a sore throat- now my sinuses are swollen so bad they're pressing on my eyeballs, and making me cry all day long =,(
If I'm not feeling better by tomorrow I'm gonna have to see the doc.
I've called in twice since we got back from vacation. No good. $$$...$
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22 February 2006 @ 12:06 am
Holy lazy February.

I've been thinking about taking some classes but I'm not exactly sure for what. I was gonna check into Mally's for Esthetics, but I had the misfortune of encountering these 3 stuck up cakey faced hairdressers at work who never stopped talking about how many guys hit on them- I wondered if I could really work in a salon or spa type setting. This was weeks ago- and I cant get those nasty girls out of my head. Then there's real estate. It's just the initial dedication w/ out making a whole lot of money to start off. Bleh.
I got told like 5 times in the past 2 days, painting the windows at work- that I should be painting nursery's, and that I'd missed my calling.
I know that it was meant to be a compliment- but I just felt my heart drop into my stomach when a girl at work said that to me. It kinda made me angry, not at her, just at the situation.
Nikki had been thinking about writing a childrens book, she asked me today if I'd illustrate it. I dont have any idea, I mean- I'm so used to drawing and painting the same things over and over again... it'd be a challenge, but fun. And best case scenario we could get it published. I thought she was just being light hearted about it, or joking at first... But I'm really kinda excited about it.
I need something to do this winter besides veg out OnDemand style in the sleeping bags in the living room with Billy snoring at my side.
Saw2, just got finished watching it. Dont get me wrong, I love gore, in a demented kinda way. Jeeze'o'petes was there a lot of bloody noses and coughing up blood in that movie. I started to get sick to my stomach after a while. I think, hmmm, 2.75 out of 5 stars. Not sure how much the nausea factored in that.

On a current events note: The Detroit Zoo closure- Seriously, these Detroit city council people need to get the fuck over themselves. Why play the race card? Why make it an issue when it has absolutely nothing to do with the situation Detroit is in. We must have the most selfish and ignorant people running, not only Detroit, but now, the suburbs into the dirt. These council people would rather whine about how "this isn't a plantation" and "we're not monkeys you can just take-over and put in a cage" , they'd rather shut the zoo down, a multi-million dollar process in itself- than hand it over to the Metro parks or to Oakland county who could make substantial improvements to the zoo, and have the funds to keep it open forever. I just feel bad for the animals, if it does shut down. And for my kids, and all the memories I had going there as a kid. It's kinda sad that the most memorable was in Jr. High when we walked there from coolidge on a field trip and all dropped acid. I was such a rotten kid.
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06 February 2006 @ 02:07 am
I did get a chance to sit down and do our taxes... and it says we BOTH owe! I don't even believe it. Either I'm retarded and dont know how to follow simple instructions on TurboTax, or ...
I'm retarded and dont know how to follow simple instructions. hehe.
I figure if I owe, I'm not paying 50$ to find out. I'll just have my aunt and uncle do them. bleh.

On a high note, wooooooweee for winning 500$ on football squares yesterday! we won the last quarter. Too bad we'll be paying bills with it.

Yesterdays accomplishments included cleaning and organizing about half of the basement, and the highlight of the day was eating at the new Thai place on Mack. Not as good as thai house or sala'thai, however, quite convenient for people who really never cook as of late.

Wow, holy-boring-weekend.
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03 February 2006 @ 11:26 am
Home early from work- =O~~~~ *tossing chips-a-hoy*

We went downtown last night... polished off a fifth of stoli razz. I dont recall much after that. I think I made some drunken phone calls?? I hate you, Superbowl. I better win on my $25 squares. Good for nothin football.

I live 100 feet from Detroit and all I got for SBXXL was the never-ending hangover.

Hmmmm. should I try to do our taxes or go finish watching nightmare on elm st?
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30 January 2006 @ 08:21 am
I'm almost afraid to say I've finally got a working computer- for fear of the bermuda office jinxing it. Hopefully it was just that nasty old desk, and my pretty new office furniture will make my computer feel really sexy and wanna whore itself out online.

2 days off, I'm ready to go back to work. I've ventured outta my jammies once in 2 days, and that was just to go to blockbuster to rent a movie. I wanted to get The Grizly man cause Mark said it's this really funny documentary. This guy aparently was on a quest to be one with nature, decides to cohabbitate with grizzly bears in the wild for 13 years- and at the end he gets eaten by one. Unfortunately the camera wasn't on during the incident- but I guess theres some audio of him screaming while the bears are eating him. We got dark water instead...two wavering thumbs. I thought it was good, Billy didn't like it.

Two oh-so-friggin cute cousins to share my capricornism with this month! Skylar was born Jan. 9th, and Blake was born last Wednesday!!! I think we're going to Brad and Kel's Wednesday to see them and Sky, take them some dinner and give em a brake. I dont think I've ever seen such a cute, alert little newborn. I want one!!
Missy is in the hospital again today- they think she has a blood clot from her c-section. I hope everything's ok.

We booked our promo trip to Orlando for March 6th, Robin, Dawn, and Ray- You're not missing much but a lot of Layovers. We're leaving at 5am on a monday- theres a 4 and a half our layover in Atlanta- we wont be to our hotel till about 3pm, we have about one and a half days, and then we're back at the airport. It'll be a nice little mini vacation though. I guess no Disney. I know, it's retarded...but I've never been there- or anywhere for that matter. I'm 23 and this'll be the first time I've *ever* been on a plane. Pathetic huh?? I guess I didn't miss out on much with the whole family vacation thing when I was little. All I remember from my privileged little snotty friends was them complaining about how they didn't wanna spend time with their siblings and how boring their vacation was. We went on ONE vacation the entire time I was growing up. I was 7, my grandparents took us to Niagara Falls, and shoved the 5 of us in one hotel room with cots. My grandmother kept everyone up with her breathing treatments all night. Ugh.

Florida will be a nice get-away, I hope I don't puke on the plane.
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22 November 2005 @ 12:55 pm
My head aches from sleeping 12 hours last night- and from cleaning up cat puke from the grill on my monitor with Q-Tips. So goes my day that I took off specifically to put up the Christmas wonderland. It's a whole day of activities that I'd rather skip if I'm to do them by myself. Maybe next week, putting up christmas decorations before turkey day is tacky anyways, right?

Speaking of big birds- *add's event to freakiest scariest weirdest things I've ever seen list*
I'm on the phone yesterday trying to get my pop's to come over and help me put a wreath up on the peak of my house. We've got this rickety old wooden ladder, ridden with dry rott. He had a 6 footer so I went to look outside and see if the ladder was big enough. This *giant* bird swoops down over my awning, scared the hell outta me, and lands like 7 feet away from me and he's flapping all over the place. About 3 feet tall, w/ a 4-5 foot wingspan. It was an eagle. I live in the burbs.. since when were there eagles in the burbs?!? Then it starts to fly away and I realize what it was doing. It had a whole live squirrel in its feet. This thing coulda' had a cat for dinner. I made sure Steve and Denise had their bunnies inside. That stupid bird had traffic pulled over and people coming out of their houses- it dropped the poor squirrel all bloody and still breathing and was sitting up in a tree staring down at everyone. We left it alone so he could finish his lunch.
Hi, crazy.

On a very very sad note- my BF's are all moving to California, and now I'm really gonna turn into a crazy agoraphobic cat lady. The magnitude of it still hasn't hit me. I'm gonna miss you guys so much ;*( Like you couldn't of moved to Ohio!? or Kentucky or somewhere within driving distance?!
(Kentucky woulda been sweet, you could've lived on Manowar St.!!)
I'm happy for them, but sad at the same time. It's ok- Robin and I are gonna get prego together (not together like lesbo's with artificial insemination, together) but at the same time in 4 years. We'll both have girls, and they'll be rebellious little monsters and smoke lots of dope (and catnip =) together like we did when we were 13. I hope that they still have cheap 40's of king cobra when our youngins come of age. hehe.

I <3 you jerks! I'm gonna miss the hell out of you.

Ok, how bout them Christmas decorations. ugh.
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04 March 2005 @ 03:09 pm
March 5th,2001

=*=acid assault=*=
Jessie had a *really* awesome night.


His name is bill.
Aaron hates me.

Sleep.. yes, sleep. I havn't done that in a while.

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Four years! Wonder what I'dve answered had I asked myself where I might be in 4 years on that night.
But I knew- boy of my dreams!I knew even before he touched me. <3
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08 February 2005 @ 08:57 am
and for shits.n'.giggles ::

If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, you must post a memory of me. It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you.


I was talking to Mark at work, saying I wanted to ask the Capt. Morgan promo girls how they got thier job and if they make good money and stuff. I've heard that the liquor promo girls make some loot- they get to drink and eat on the corporate card . I remember the bud light girls last year at beach bash were buying drinks for all the staff just trying to get their tab up to a grand.
So I get told I'm too snobby to be a promo girl. I was *highly* offended. "oh, but in an assertive way, a good way!" Huh? I wasn't getting it. I guess I'm too big of a bitch and I wouldn't let drunk guys grab my butt.
I just think it's funny how hard I try to be nice to people and I'm still a bitch! hehe.

Right now I'm feeling a little more snotty than snobby. I need some more allegra D. I was born with far too small a nose to have all these sinus problems... there's just nowhere for the snot to come out. I can't even fit my finger up there.
too much? mmkay.

I took off valentines day this year- it's always an aweful lonely holiday to work on account of the amatures venturing out, and dispite the fact that it's a dumb greeting card made up holiday. I think Billy's taking off early and we're gonna make dinner togeter, maybe catch a movie and bust out the swing.
I *so* still cant believe he bought that.
I'll hafta find a good recipe. Maybe I'll make beef wellington again- that turned out really good. OOh, and twice baked taters with really yummy cheese. Hmm, I've turned out to be a pretty good cook. neener neener neener!

mmmmmmm800caloriedoughnuts! Just talked to the boi, he's already eaten 4.

Happy fat tuesday to all you pollocks!
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02 January 2005 @ 12:08 pm
I'd Love to be one of those people who sits down at the computer, and types this 9 page retrospective biography in review of 04
It's been a great year- this is the first entire year, as in 12 months- that I've spent *anywhere* since I moved out of Ferndale. Spent about 11 months everywhere else we lived. Lots of coping with, well, growing up. Lots of financial trouble, lots of debt. It's really hard to walk into something so blindly- with a partner that has as little or less experience. But also, really exciting. I'm still progressing into a serious rage of OCD- but learning to live with it or leave it. God, I can't -stand- the frickin toothpaste on the faucet in the bathroom. And the socks, and shoes, and.... crumbs! Something changed when it was "our" home.

Ok, I changed my mind... really stressful year. But what counts- is I'm happy to be where I am today. And I'm happy to have a great man, friends, and family... every day!

Resolutions this year are infinite. Lose 10 lbs, eat better, quit the beef, get organized, enroll in some classes, budget.
Aaaah! A fresh slate.
Now, if I could just tackle today's tasks. Never thought I'd be dragging my feet to go shopping.
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